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Licensed Trainer of NLP® offers a video guide to creating an NLP anchor for confidence. 

When you control how you feel, you control how you think, and you control what you do. What would it be like to feel more confident? You can. Here's a simple step by step technique to capture your confidence!  Have you ever felt so great that you said to yourself: "I wish I could bottle this feeling!" Guess what? You can. Here's a step by step guide to setting an NLP anchor and firing off an NLP anchor to imbue projects with CONFIDENCE! Confidence is a wonderful thing--it inspires action. Goodbye, self doubt. Don't let the door hit you on the butt on the way out! When you feel confident, you perform better. Check it out! #confidence #NLP #Neuro-linguistic programming #performance #success #anchoring  Learn how to control how you feel and you have what I call "the keys to the kingdom." Confidence is a useful state of mind for any and all projects. Here is a quick and easy video guide to capturing your power and bottling it for use on demand. #NLP #anchor #confidence 

Who wants confidence? Here's a simple technique utilizing Neuro Linguistic Programming.